10 Tips for Hassle-Free House Hunting

10 Tips for Hassle-Free House Hunting

House Hunting

Written by Scott Meadows

January 17, 2019

Whether you are shopping the market or want to build your own house, you’ll want to get your ducks in a row. Sometimes the cost to build a house that you love is cheaper than settling for one that you are just OK with.

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Home buying is stressful enough! Here are 10 Tips to make home buying easier:

Understand Your Credit

Nobody likes hidden surprises that crush your dreams for something you’ve worked so hard for. Know what is on your credit before speaking to a lender.

Get Pre-Approved

How will you know what your budget is and what type of home you should be looking for if you do not know if you are pre-approved? Work with a lender to come up with a game plan.

Discover the Area You Are Considering

Needs vs. Want

You need to have a good idea of what you really need in a home and what is just an added bonus. Some of those wants could have big price tags.

Know Your Timeline

Set a timeline for when you would like to be moved into your new place. Giving yourself parameters can create a sense of urgency to get the documents to the lender, get pre-approved, find a home, close, and move.

If you are currently renting, consider when your lease is up. Many first-time home buyers don’t know that when you close on a mortgage, you could potentially skip one or two payments. This could give you time to move without stressing on extra rent payments and cleaning up before you hand over your keys.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

If you have never bought a home before or if you do not work in the industry regularly, get yourself an agent.

Many people try to cut costs by assuming that they can negotiate a deal by themselves, but most of them don’t realize that the sellers pay for the agent’s commission. You wouldn’t show up to court without a lawyer. Don’t cut corners by skipping an agent.

Pick Your Team

Real estate purchases are unique in the fact that you get to choose the experts that you work with. Find a real estate agent that is well informed about your market to work with. Having the right agent in your pocket is vital when you need them to worry about you more than their commission checks.

You also get to choose which loan officer you work with. Pay attention to if they answer your questions and take the time to explain the details to you. You are the one that pays the loan back at the end of the day. Make sure it is a good fit.

Stick With Your Budget

For some reason, this can be one of the hardest requirements to stick to. Your loan officer has probably told you what you qualify for, yet it never fails that somebody is going to take a peek and fall in love with something that is over budget. They then try either convince their loan officer that there has to be a way to stretch their qualifications, or they will ask their real estate agent to find a home just like it in their price range.

This makes home buying extremely difficult. Try to stick to the budget you set in the beginning to avoid any more headaches.

Learn the Process

You were able to assemble your team by choosing your real estate agent and your loan officer to help navigate you through the process. You should rely on them to answer your questions and provide you with the next steps.

If you are unsure about what is going on or what the next step is, you should be asking the right questions. They cannot read your mind, and they might assume that you already know what the expectations are. If this is your first time, you need to speak up if you want their help.

DO NOT Change Your Circumstances

You have already provided your documents and gotten pre-approved to purchase home. This next chapter can be very exciting, but now is not the time to consider changing jobs or taking out any new debt.

These actions can alter your circumstances can shift the numbers in a way that you no longer qualify. If you are knee deep into the process, this can be a huge frustration that can lead to your deal falling through.

The best rule of thumb is to ask your loan officer before making any big moves.

You may not have made up your mind yet whether to purchase from the available inventory in the area or to start touring homes from custom home builders, but the pros and cons all come down to your timeline and what your needs and wants are. Talk to your lender and agent for advice as they may have access to additional programs that may sweeten the deal.

If you are considering buying a home in the Greenville SC area, check out the experts at Enchanted Homes. View their properties online or give them a call at 864-895-0601 to schedule a tour. Their expert staff will walk you through the process ad help you find the floor plan of your dreams.

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