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Company ProfileEnchanted Homes began as a custom home builder in the Pacific Northwest, in 1983.

Enchanted Homes began as a custom home builder in the Pacific Northwest, in 1983. The South Carolina division opened in 2005 and was bought by current owner Ryan Kaiser in 2007. Enchanted Homes has since grown to be a prominent builder in the Upstate. 

We are proud to be locally owned and supported via local suppliers and subcontractors. We strive for an excellent finished product by using quality materials and applying attention to detail through every step of construction. Our convenient layouts and unique architectural details are designed with natural light, efficiency, aesthetics, and family in mind.

Many features that other builders offer as upgrades for an additional price come standard in our homes. We have an overwhelming number of repeat clients and are confident that you will be highly satisfied when you choose Enchanted Homes for your future home.

About Our Company

Mission Statement

When owner Ryan Kaiser inquired of his 95-year-old grandfather about the greatest change he experienced in his life, he was quick to answer, “That a man’s handshake is (now) worth nothing”.

While others devalue the handshake, Enchanted Homes still sees the power behind a firm handshake. Our company built its foundation on the American Christian Heritage principle that says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. By applying these values and principles in our relationships with clients, it is the desire of our entire company to make home buying a pleasant and memorable experience.

    Why Enchanted?

    Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy or extravagant home, Enchanted Homes can help you choose or create the perfect home for you. Customer satisfaction is a top priority in building our quality homes. We enjoy seeing your eyes lighten with enthusiasm through the whole process of creating your new home.

      Our Enchanted TeamMeet our team at Enchanted Homes and get to know us better

      Ryan Kaiser

      Ryan grew up in the picturesque Columbia River Gorge of Oregon. Since his father owned a custom home building business, Ryan as immersed in the building environment from his earliest memories. As soon as he was old enough to swing a hammer, Ryan accompanied his father and older brother as often as he was able.

      Over the years his abilities grew and he gained valuable experience in construction and management. From being a member of the team, to managing a team, to supervising entire building projects, he continued to learn and build on his experience.

      In 2005, Ryan moved to South Carolina to pursue his goal in opening a division of his father’s business. In 2007, he purchased the South Carolina division of Enchanted Homes, and the business grew to become a top home-builder in the Upstate.

      Aaron Aho


      Ryan Crooker

      Vice President

      Ian Goddard

      Director of Operations

      Nathan Gray

      Director of Production

      Michael Adams

      Scheduling Coordinator

      Roger Matson


      Tim Hoard


      Tim Karlsen


      Ryan Vander West


      Kevin Karon


      Brian Reini


      Troy Kinnunen


      Travis Simila

      Grading Superintendent

      Mark Seppala

      Foothill Septic

      Roy Traffie

      Plumbing Manager

      Eric Kuusisto

      Offsite Manager

      Allen Stevenson

      Purchasing Manager

      Susan Hilman

      Scheduling Assistant

      Rebecca Aho

      Office Manager

      Bethany Robison

      Permitting & Vehicle Administrator

      Karen Morgan

      Office Administrator

      Sonya Sturgill

      Human Resources

      Vanessa Hammett

      Chief Financial Officer

      Larissa Niemela

      Accounts Payable

      Ashlynn Lehtonen

      Accounts Payable

      Donald Kako


      Emily S.


      Cara W.


      Tom Koistinen


      Misty Payne

      Plan Designer

      Kelly Coponen

      Design Center Manager

      Tonja Aho

      Design Coordinator

      Jesse Crawford

      Warranty Manager

      Makenna H.

      Warranty Specialist

      Bruce Lantto

      Quality Assurance

      Mike Zylstra

      Orientation Specialist

      Korey Manley

      Orientation Specialist

      Audrey Duncan

      Marketing Director
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