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March 1, 2023

Our Luxury Vinyl Plank Upgrade is now Standard Offering!

Enchanted offered an LVP or luxury vinyl plank UPGRADE incentive throughout the month of January. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality and customer satisfaction of our homes. We saw great feedback and response to the upgrade incentive, but have long used sheet-vinyl flooring as a standard for our homes. Where vinyl has advantages against moisture and stains, we receive warranty reports on sheet vinyl for bubbling and move-in scratches.  

Enchanted management works to minimize warranty requests by offering homeowners the best quality products. As a result of internal budgeting, cost analysis, and love of our homeowners, Enchanted is pleased to announce that we are now offering 4 LVP color variations by Shaw flooring as a standard offering for all series homes! Read on to learn more differences in sheet vinyl versus luxury vinyl plank and how this will benefit our future homeowners.

Luxury vinyl flooring has been a popular upgrade since it became available on the market. LVP typically last 20+ years where sheet vinyl can last 10-15 years. LVP is a synthetic plank flooring created to simulate hardwood flooring. In comparison to sheet vinyl, LVP offers a more natural look, is more durable, and is longer lasting. In addition to being more water-resistant and scratch-proof than hardwoods, there are also hundreds of color and style variations of which to choose.

Sheet vinyl usually has a wear thickness of around 1/100 of an inch. LVP wear thickness averages about 10x (8/100 to 30/100) standard sheet vinyl. If scratches do occur in LVP, the plank can be replaced, where sheet vinyl generally has to be reinstalled as it is a continuous blanket of flooring. This is why LVP flooring has greater longevity and durability than sheet vinyl.

LVP is installed in a plank-by-plank, click method similar to hardwood flooring. LVP is a floating floor, meaning it is not glued down. Sheet vinyl is glued, so seasonal temperature change can result in noticeable defects to sheet vinyl. The LVP flooring structure as a whole has breathing room for environmental changes as a result.

LVP’s thickness and installation process is better for thermal maintenance and feels softer and warmer on the foot. It also minimizes sound transmission as pressure can distribute and flex at the connection points around each plank.

LVP vinyl lasts longer and is easier to install, but is generally more expensive than sheet vinyl. Enchanted has sourced 4 color options by Shaw Floors to offer in our design center going forward: 592 Shadow Oak, a grey-based flooring with a medium range of tonality; 7062 Grey Chestnut, a grey and brown pattern with more wood knots and movement printed into the design; 734 Umber Oak- the classic dark brown floor choice; and 293 Chatter Oak - a medium, lighter brown option likely to be most popular of the LVP choices.

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer all future homeowners these 4 LVP color options as a standard flooring choice. Visit our design center for an in-person sample of each LVP color choice. 

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