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January 26, 2023

Spring Home Maintenance

Winter is coming to a close, crocus is popping up, and warmer, sunny weather is around the corner. There are a series of chores and maintenance we recommend to keep your Enchanted Home in optimal condition, prevent problems, and help the longevity of your home. Follow these tips and add these items to your spring cleaning to-do list to keep your home in great condition for personal comfort and resale value.

Exterior Maintenance

1. Leaf removal and mulch flower beds. If your home is nearby trees, remove leaf and stick debris from your roof. Clear any debris piles away near the home to prevent leaks. Finally, refresh mulch in washed out areas and to maintain flower bed moisture as the weather heats up.

2. Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts. Ensure proper function of your gutters by clearing debris. A back up can cause water damage by allowing unusual water flow down and behind your vinyl, rotting the fascia. Prepare for April showers by ensuring water flow is as expected and planned.

3. Spring grass maintenance. Spring is the time to begin prepping your ground with optimal nutrients and minerals to prep for beautiful sod growth and expansion. Follow the fertilizer schedule this spring to prep the ground and be prepared to plant any new sod in late March/early April.

February or March: 0-0-7 0.10% Dimension 10,000 Sq Ft. per bag
April or May: 18-0-4 0.15% Dimension 30% PCU 12,000 Sq Ft. per bag
June: 24-5-11 50% CRN / Aeration 12,000 Sq Ft. per bag

4. Trim back shrubs and trees. Trimming trees and shrubs helps keep moisture away from your home and allows for healthy new growth in the spring.

5. Annual HVAC maintenance. Call your maintenance professional to set up your annual HVAC maintenance. Maintenance will include cleaning drain lines and coils, checking refrigerant, searching for leaks, cleaning the outdoor condenser and heat pump.  

6. Replace your HVAC filter. It is better for the longevity of your unit to change a thin filter frequently every 30 days than a thick filter every 90-120 days.

7. Drain and rinse your Hot water tank. Iron and hard water sediment can build up in your hot water heater. To avoid this settling and keep your water pristine, drain your entire tank and hose it out on an annual basis.

Interior Maintenance

1. Check for Water Intrusion. Be weary and vigilant if you notice any musty odors, staining, ceiling marks, or obvious standing moisture. Leaks can cause serious structure issues if they go uncorrected. 

2. Check smoke and CO2 detectors. Spring cleaning is a great time to test and all your smoke and CO2 detectors and refresh the batteries.

3. Repair door or window Seals. Weather stripping may need to be adjusted or replaced to prevent moisture or pests from entering the house and maintain the temperature in your home.

4. Clean out vents: Clean your range vents, dryer vents, and ensure your shower vents are all clear.

5. Clean windows & doors. Magic erasers are great to remove oil from doors. Newspaper and windex on the interior and exterior of window panes. Window frames are most easily cleaning with a steam cleaner brush.

6. Clean ceiling fans & baseboards. These often overlooked places can accumulate a lot of dust. Wipe all with a wet wipe or rag and follow with a dryer sheet to help repel future dust via the anti-stat polymer in dryer sheets. 

7. Clean your appliances. Clear out, wipe, and disinfect any refrigerators, garbage containers, microwaves, and your dishwasher. Heat soap and water in a glass container in your microwave to loosen any dirt. Scrub your dishwasher filter with an old toothbrush and run an empty wash with vinegar. Pull out and vacuum your refrigerator coils. Run a cleaning cycle on your stove and/or oven. Locate and clean your washing machine filter. Use a drill and cleaning brush to clear your dryer vent fully. 

8. Clean garbage disposal. Ice helps clean garbage disposals while also sharpening the blades. Lemon slices add an acidic component and improve any bad smells.

9. Fill grout cracks and refresh caulk. All interior caulking should be inspected for cracking or separation. Remove loose caulk and re-caulk. Be sure to use caulking made for your desired area, whether that be paintable or silicone-based for wet areas.

10. Reseal granite. It is recommended to reseal granite at least once annually to prevent wear from cleaners. You can use products from your local hardware store or hire a professional.

11. Standard home cleaning maintenance. This spring cleaning list is by no means extensive. Keeping floors vacuumed and mopped, bathrooms clean, and dust to a minimum throughout the year helps one from getting overwhelmed. Regular cleaning also helps prevent mold growth and keeps your home air clean.

12. Spring is a great time to declutter! Removing unnecessary clutter or furniture from the home helps improve air circulation and helps homeowners notice when a problem does arise and to proactively solve it.

We hope you find this list helpful in maintaining your Enchanted Home and that its completion will allow you to feel as accomplished, happy, and content as the day you moved in!

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