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January 18, 2023

Enchanted Swaps to Higher Efficiency HVAC Units for Our New Construction Homes

Enchanted puts a large emphasis on industry standards and changes in the market. You may have never noticed, but Enchanted has used a 14-SEER HVAC unit system in our new homes for years. As the SEER, or seasonal energy efficient ratio rises, the energy efficiency of your unit is increased. 

Market units currently range from 13 to 22 SEER. Older homes and units will often have an 8 or 9 SEER unit, so 14 SEER is highly efficient to your average home comparatively.

The Department of Energy, or DOE, requires all new construction to use a unit minimum of 14 SEERS. The DOE recently announced a minimum requirement change to 15-SEERs for early 2023.

Enchanted enacted change immediately in December 2022. We typically use Lennox units, so all units going forward will meet the increased standard.

What does this mean for our homeowners and future buyers? The higher SEER units will reduce homeowner carbon footprint and run more efficiently. Higher SEER units generally improve climate control for your home and run quieter than their lower SEER counterparts. Overall, you will be receiving a higher quality product that will perform better and use less energy than our previous units. Less energy usage will result in power bill savings over time. 

Some additional actions you can take to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your unit are to replace or clean the air filters every 30 days, keep drain channels clean, and have it maintained by a professional annually. Annual maintenance typically entails a hired HVAC professional cleaning debris from the fan, compressor, condenser, and cleaning the AC evaporator coils.

We are pleased to announce these changes in keeping with the Department of Energy standards and are excited for every small quality increase for our future homeowners.

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