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January 18, 2021

Things to Consider When Buying a New Home

Purchasing a new construction home in Spartanburg County SC is a big decision because it significantly affects your finances and your lifestyle. You may have considered things like the location and size but you need to think about certain other factors so you know you’re making the right decision.

How Much Will You Be Paying For The Home?

You may be thinking about your mortgage but this is not the entire cost you’ll be paying; you’ll incur various other expenses. When you have a full picture of all the expenses, you have a clear understanding of whether you can afford the new construction home in Spartanburg County SC, or not.

The Mortgage

Make sure that the principal payment, tax, insurance payment, and interest shouldn’t exceed over a quarter of your gross income i.e. about 30 percent.

The Homeowners Association Fees

A lot of communities or neighborhoods have a Homeowners’ Association of their own. Now, based on the type of property you have and the services they provide, your monthly dues to the association can differ; the range is usually from $200 to over $500.

The Tax

Based on which state you’re living in, you need to consult with a practicing tax advisor to help you understand how much of a deduction you’ll be facing.

The Maintenance

Any home you buy will need maintenance so you’ll be spending on things like cleaning out the gutter and replacing light fixtures.


Once every few years, you’ll need to carry out major repairs like replacing insulation, repairing air conditioning or buying a new refrigerator. For a better understanding of an approximate cost, you can consult custom home builders in Spartanburg SC.

The Positioning

This isn’t the same as the location but it’s somewhat related; it will deeply affect the experience of living there, more than the nearby amenities and distance from the closest shopping center. Custom home builders in Spartanburg SC recommend that you check:

If your community is on sloped topography, having a home at the top will help you avoid runoff from heavy rain. If your house is located near trees, you can get insulation from harsh winds but it can be problematic if they grow too big and they’re close to your house.

The amount of sunlight you get through the windows can affect the costs of cooling and heating the house.

If your home is along the curb, it won’t feel as spacious and it’ll be easy for neighbors to have a look inside your home.

The Location

Although it is an established factor, we will discuss what you should consider. After all, the surroundings are what make your experience at a home even better.

  • How long are the commutes to and from work?
  • Has the value of homes in the area increased or decreased with time?
  • Crime and noise level?
  • How is the school district?
  • How Big is It?

Choosing the right size for a house involves keeping a balance between having extra space and staying within budget. Think about how many rooms you and your family will need, reasonably. You should also think about the future, when a room can be repurposed for something else, instead of getting separate rooms.

So next time you go house hunting, keep these things in mind before signing up for a mortgage.

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